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FG-1200C4/6 FG-1500C4/6

FG-1200C4/6 FG-1500C4/64/6 Corner Folder Gluer

  • Product Description
给纸部 Feeder
Equipped with vibrating motor.
With independent transmission, low noise, with front adjustable wheels, max working capacity can be achieved.
Feeding knives and left and right registers fixing bar are controlled up and down by pneumatic system easily.
Feeding knifes are equipped with pneumatic mechanism for smoother feeding.
  纸张校正部 Alignment section
Automatic alignment system to correct the paper feeding, avoiding the paper going to sides.
四六角部 4/6 corner section
This system adopts Japanese Yaskawa servo system, which can adjust the running trajectory for the hook to suit for the folded length, also finished the hook backward working, therefore, lock bottom, front hooking and back hooking etc can be achieved to meet different boxes. Advanced design.
There are left, middle, and right carriers, which can be easily dismantled to meet the demand for different boxes.
  锁底部 Lock-bottom Section
Lock-bottom assembly mechanism with high elastic hookers is of ideal design,fast and easy operation
Modular-design lock-bottom section reduces the box change-over time, enhances the installing and changing time for the parts.
Lock-bottom section of modular design reduces the adjusting time for different boxes, and enhances the change-over time for installing attached parts.
Four lock-bottom hooks and attachments are equipped.
下糊筒 Lower Gluing Tank
Big-volume design,when the machine is running at high speed,the glue will not go out or leaking.Optional bottle is good for long time operation.
  本折部 Folding Section
Equipped with speed variator for belts, ensure the folded boxes parallel and in good order.
Fast, convenient adjustment and operation can fold boxes perfectly.
The middle up and down transmission module can fold the boxes synchronously or alternately.
压着部 Transfer section
Pressure can be adjusted according to paper thickness. For flute A, B corrugated board, overlapping and jogger devices are equipped to ensure box gluing well. After kicker is set up, whatever speed the machine runs, the kicker can automatically follow, no need to reset it.
  输送部 Conveyor
Pneumatic pressure increasing, speed and pressure can be independently adjusted,pressure could be a bit increased on boxes, so the finished boxes will be more beautiful.
The front section of conveyor can coordinated with overlapping and jogger devices to move up and down suitably.

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